Application Compatibility Walkthrough with ACT 5.6

I’m a big believer in least privileges and since the organization I work for decided to run all users as non-admins back during its implementation of Windows XP, when running non-admin was more difficult because almost every vendor gave you a solution of “run it as administrator”, I’m also a big fan of Aaron Margosis’ blog.  This month Aaron brings us a great walk-through of troubleshooting an XP to 7 application compatibility issue using some of the Sysinternals tools, and then goes on to present both the “less correct” fix via registry hacking and the “more correct” fix via the Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5.6.  As I myself am on the verge of a companywide XP to 7 migration this is a subject near and dear to me so I thought I’d share.



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